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Friday, October 11, 2013

.......and, I'm Still Alive!

Well, folks, this week was one that I will remember for the rest of my life. We had the craziest past couple of days. (I'll save my conference love fest for the end!)
Ok. Late Saturday night-early Sunday morning, we woke up to the blastingly obnoxious carbon monoxide alarm. We ran outside, called the financial secretary for the mission as directed in our mission binder, and after an hour out on the sidewalk in robes and jammies, we got it all figured out.
Then. Late Sunday night-early Monday morning. we woke up AGAIN to the alarm. This time we knew what to do, ran out again, and this time called Sorella Dibb, as directed. Standing on the sidewalk once more in the middle of the night, she said, ''Ok, girls, run back inside, you have 30 seconds to put clothes on, and then head to the church where the office elders will pick you up.'' So, we hauled into our apt, just threw skirts on and peaced out, not knowing when we'd be back. We headed to the church where we waited for the office elders from Milano. They picked us up (one of which was my friend Anziano Dallin Richardson from high school, it was crazy!) and then said, ''for today, you four will be working in the office.'' ALL RIGHT!  Mind you, we look... great. Teeth- not brushed. Showers- not yet experienced. Makeup-not a thing. WE GOT EVACUATED, I mean, these things weren't a priority! 

So, we worked in the office all day, and my word, SHOUT OUT, to our mission office who functions as a well-oiled machine. They are hard hard working and so much fun! While we were in Milano, the fire department was at our apt, checking stuff out and they couldn't find anything. Turns out, it was just a faulty detector, meno male! President still had us four sisters stay the night in the mission home, which was a surprise because we thought that we'd be home for the night, so obvs we didn't have anything with us... but, oh, how lovely is that home! President interviewed us personally in the mission home because our interview were supposed to happen earlier that day, and we couldn't make it! Alla fine, we made it back to our apt yesterday afternoon after a couple of random crazy days! 
Yup. We're alive. breathing. Just gave the mission leaders a bit of a scare, but ALL IS WELL IN ZION!

Wanna know why?! Because conference changed my life! As every other missionary is declaring, conference is much sweeter as a missionary. I was so touched by Elder Holland's talk, and in other messages, I received specific answers to my prayers. Our investigators ADORED conference and each one felt the Spirit as our inspired leaders bore testimony of the Savior. I've never known more fully or more clearly that this is the Savior, Jesus Christ's church on the Earth today. That it is lead and guided by His worthy, chosen servants and that general conference is an incredible opportunity to feel of His love for you. I still can't wait to read the talks all over again, and to watch the Sunday afternoon session because we weren't able to!

I love this church. I love being one of 80, 000 missionaries on the Earth. I love how many talks focused on member and missionary work, and how now, in these the last days, the work needs to be driven forth by EVERY member. I testify that the Lord needs us ALL! We have all been enlisted, and we each have a sacred and specific part to play. if you want to know what yours is, pray.

Con tutto del mio amore,
Sorella Baer
p.s. I love you.
p.s.s. shout out to my Como homegirls. Sorella Hallum, my comp, is the most persistent and hard working person I know. Sorella Carter, has perfected the ''mom dance'' and has a heart to melt Antartica,  and Sorella Stephens who is my soul sister and is the funniest I know, without trying. I LOVE THESE GIRLS! 

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