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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Onward And Upward!

The Lord sure is good to us. I have the strongest testimony that regardless of how crummy things might be, we can pray to our Heavenly Father and through the grace of our Savior and His infinite Atonement, we can be lifted, empowered, and able to find beauty, light and goodness!

Here is our new mission president and his wife with us at our zone conference. Welcome President & Sister Dibb!!

La Nostra Settimana (Our Week)--

Lilly, our beautiful Lilly, is baptized and a new, confirmed member of the church!! Saturday was one of the most uplifting days I've had yet. After she was baptized, she bore her testimony and shared that after knowing the church for 11 years, she knew it was time to get baptized about 3 weeks ago. She said that one night, she had had a dream where the Savior asked her, ''Lilly, will you be baptized now? It's time.'' She said that she would. A couple of days later was when Beuts and I felt this burning to just have a straight up lesson with her about baptism, where she simply accepted the invitation and date chosen! She was prepared, and Beuts and I were able to see that the Spirit had been prompting us to be bold and honest with her. And then to see her enter the waters of baptism, and make that covenant-- THAT's why people serve missions, she's absolutely radiant and I'm edified constantly by her! After her baptism, we went back and had refreshments! Kelum had come to her baptism too and the little shindig dopo (after), and my word, it was MAGICAL seeing him so integrated into the branch. Everyone was talking to him, putting their arms around him, it was Christmas. Naturally so, Saturday was the highlight of this week:)

Some other fun\interesting things?

- one Elder asked me straight up, ''Sorella Baer, were you a hipster before your mission. I kinda think you might've been.'' yeah... ne'er gotten that before!

- Beuts said, ''You know, you kinda remind me of Amy Poehler.'' Compliment? I think yes. Nah, maybe I've just integrated Baby mama quotes into my everyday lingo.

-Beuts and I did sharing time on Sunday for Jr. and Sr. Primary in our military branch-- the little ones love us. We enjoyed it:)

-the gelato here will kill me. I will never again be satisfied with Dreyers. This stuff is SINFULLL. but it's fine, because we get it a couple times a week!

-Beuts and I are mega champs at killing all of the freaky bugs in our apartment! Took the life of a daddy long legs this morning like it was my birthday. The mosquitoes don't stand a chance either, when Beuts chases them with a flip-flop to squish them!

- Hermana Jess Israelsen's family came to Italy! I was able to speak with her mom on the phone. I swear, Dana Israelsen is an angel sent from heaven! Hearing her voice and talking to a mother figure was DIVINE. She's a remarkable woman and absolutely a tender mercy when I needed it most. (Hermana Israelsen is currently serving in the Spain-Malaga Mission!)

- ADVICE FOR THOSE FUTURE MISSIONARIES: Not that I'm a fount of wisdom and experience, BUT I HIGHLY recommend developing and strengthening your talents now. The mission requires our best, and our talents are used. The Lord gave us gifts to share and develop, and I recommend doing so! Oh, what I would give to go back in time and have practiced the piano more in the past two years. Before my mission, I hadn't played since high school, now, I play for everything, Sacrament Meeting, Relief Society, Zone and District meetings, Baptisms-- Practice and develop! It'll help!

I just want to leave a short message about the peace and comfort we can receive from our Savior. He is the Prince of Peace, the Author of Hope. He is the Founder of my faith. His is a gospel of light. His is a love we cannot comprehend. When nothing makes sense, when we feel in the dark, when we seek answers, peace or comfort-- we can always turn to our Elder Brother with the faith and trust that He's already felt every feeling we have and already suffered for our pains. His burden is light. Don't carry your pain anymore. Hand it over to Him, He's already paid for it. I love my Savior and without Him and His grace, I would be absolutely nothing. I could do absolutely nothing, but with Him, I am someone. I am a daughter of the Almighty, with the potential to become like Him one day.

As Sister Dalton says, ''Remember WHO you are. and remember WHOSE you are.''

Con tutto del mio amore,
Sorella Baer

p.s. I love you.

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