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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Swell Is This Work?

First things first,

KELUM'S BAPTIZED!!! Oh, how my heart is full of love for this dear man! He got baptized on Friday, after having to take care of lots of things, and all of the things that could've gone wrong, did. We made it! There's nothing so sweet and so tender as seeing him in white. I told him, "Kelum, questa e esattamente come L'ho visto la prima volta che abbiamo incontrato l'un altro. Cosi. In bianco. Che bello (this is exactly how I saw it the first time we met each other. That's it. In white. How nice)." And it's true. As he entered the waters of baptism, Beuts and I just hugged each other with tears in our eyes. Seeing covenants being made is one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed. And his confirmation blessing was UNBELIEVABLE. What a dear, dear man, who we all can learn something from, and who the church will be blessed by, magnificently so.

Nextly, (is that a word? Losing my English.)

HAPPY 32nd babein' 'rents of mine! I couldn't feel more fortunate to have the lovely parents that I do! 32 years, to have been born under the covenant. Here's to 32 more! Filled with groovin', BYU game cheerin' on, and lots and lots of food. :-) I love you both! Enjoy your special day and SPOIL YOURSELVES!

Happy 4th of July y'all! Last year, I was in Europe for the fourth, and this year, I am, too. But meno male (thank goodness), we have a military base here so we're actually gonna celebrate with a bbq and that good stuff! I'm very very very very stoked. Exceedingly so, to say the least!

This week we had lots of things to get together for Kelum's baptism, and we also had a ward activity literally in the mountains-- when the branch told us where the activity would be, they said, "Sara in montagna." I was like, "What the crumb does that mean? In the mountain?" Somehow these marvelous Italians know what mountain everybody's talking about. It was 45 degrees and rainy, but so, so, so, so pretty. I was lovin' the nature!

Sunday, in our American branch for Sunday School and Relief Society/Priesthood we watched the Missionary broadcast. I was LOVING it. We watched it as a whole branch and it was incredible to see the members catching the fire of missionary work! If any of you guys haven't watched it, I highly encourage that adesso! Che bellissimo (now. How beautiful)!

This language was made for me. These Italians just fly their hands round town as they speak, and the best part?! So do Beuts and I. We both studied Sign Language for years and years, so when we teach lessons, mercy alive. My hands are flying!!! However, una piccola cosa reguardo questa lingua che e dificile per me (a small thing regarding this language that is difficult for me)? I feel like there's like 3 words used to describe things. My adjective pool is only a measly three options (basically), at least what they use, buono= good (for food), bravo=good (for people), bello=beautiful. Sometimes, they spice it up with some "issimo's" but di solito, e cosi (usually, and so) those who know me, know just how much I enjoy using fun words and making the language my own, and it's un po dificile (a bit difficult) to change it up with Italian.

And my thoughts and feelings this week?

-- cara famiglia, cari fratelli e sorelle (dear family, dear brothers and sisters) --

Oh, how we need to be brave and bold. The Lord has reserved us until these, the last days not to be indifferent, apathetic or passive. He's looking for soldiers to stand up, to stand out. We need to join the ranks, suit up for this battalion that we've been blessed to be a part of. We need ALL, EVERYONE. Our church is founded upon "activity", which is necessary for each member. But we must pay attention to that word, "active"-- it is not passive. We must be the one to sit next to the new convert, to visit the less-active, to involve the member who sits alone, to invite optimism into our meetings, to initiate and follow-through with activities-- let US be the one to be active, to step up. The Lord's created us to be this way. It's in our very natures to lead, to make a difference, to bear our testimonies, to love, to serve and to prepare the Earth for His second coming. We're not here to be passive members, passivity in terms of our relationship with the gospel is dangerous. Let us be active. I hope that I sound as zealous as I feel because I've felt this so strongly. The church is growing rapidly so, and we've got to take care of it and continue the growth! And the best part is? Through the grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ, EACH of us is enabled and empowered to do so!

I love this gospel. I love the beautiful family the Lord's blessed me with. I feel lucky beyond explanation to have been sent to them. I have a testimony that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so incredibly that He gave us the gift that would bring us more joy and happiness than all else: eternal families. I love mine and think of them sempre (always).

As missionaries, we always invite: I invite you all to love your families, show them and tell them, a bit more this week.

For in THIS, will truly happiness come.

Con tutto del mio amore,
Sorella Baer

p.s. I love you.
p.s.s. Aubrey, don't worry. I totes bought "Meet the Robinson's" in Italian so we can watch that I can get back. It also can be switched into Portuguese, so we both can enjoy it:)

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