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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mamma Mia! Che Fortunata Io Sono! (Mamma Mia, I Am That Lucky!)

To say I've fallen in love with this city would be an understatement. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Como. I KNOW, this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. This morning, we took a funicolare (tram) up the side of the mountain and did this unreal hike. Looking around at this city, and this country, I literally could be NOWHERE else. Seriously, this is the prettiest place in the world! Getcha self here!

SIDENOTE: be stoked to come back here and visit because this place is the Celestial Kingdom on earth.

This email will be brief. Sorry! However, highlights:
-our weekly FHE's. Mercy, these things are not only so fun and uplifting but they are BRILLIANT for finding new people and bringing them closer to their Savior. Our members and investigators come, bring friends and food and a willing heart-- it's the BOMB and probs the highlight of every week.

-one FHE success story: our beautiful Chiara. she's PERFECT. The anziani (elders) found her on the street and she expressed her interest for English class so she came which is right before FHE, che furbi siamo! (we are so smart!) and she loved it! She then came to church and we had a lesson with her and her sister! She's absolutely incredible, darling, perfect. She studies in Milano and teaches Pilates and we can't wait to spend our next p-day with her!

Our church, at night. Gorgeous.
-Nazareno is progressing beautifully. He's such a good man and has taught me so much about further strengthening our relationship personally with our Heavenly Father.

Funny random thing that happened this week?

Sorella Hallum had finished up doing la programmazione settimanale e area book e tutto quanto (weekly planning and area book and everything), and we were getting ready to leave the house when I couldn't find the keys. I was all, ''Sorella, I don't have the keys... do you?'' she replied that she didn't. We soon came to find out that the OTHER sorelle accidentally took our keys, and we were LITERALLY locked in the house. Italian doors are weird and if they're locked from the outside, there's no way to get out from the inside without the keys...

So needless to say we got lots of area book stuff and calls finished that night. It was hilarious. We were dying. WHO GETS LOCKED INSIDE THEIR HOUSE? Us.

Alla fine (So for now)...

I read this quote from President Monson is his most recent talk from the Priesthood session, ''Young men and young women, I hope you appreciate the sacrifices which your parents so willingly make for you to serve. Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you. A mission is a family affair. Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are as one.''

I have such a testimony of this. I know with a certainty that a mission is a family affair. I'm so grateful for the beautiful family I have and their support. As missionaries, we really do sacrifice being close to our families for a couple of years, so others may be with theirs for eternity. I'm eternally grateful for my dear parents who raised me with this light and gift insomuch that I may share it with others. There's nothing I desire more than for these dear Italians to taste of eternity with their families too!

Be good to each other.

Con affetto e con tutto del mio amore, (With affection and with all of my love,)
Sorella Baer

p.s. I love you.

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