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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oh, For the Love of Italia!

Once upon a time maybe I loved Italy too much. Seriously, this place is now my homeland. Everyday, I feel more and more Italian and less and less like the old Kels. I love these people, their warmth and generosity, the language.... oh my, this language. I will NEVER be able to speak English again. I screw up my English literally with every phrase and sentence I say. (Forgive me if I write crazy too!)

Wanna hear an embarassing story that confirmed to me that I'm losing my past life rapidly?

A couple of days ago Sorella Hallum and I were in a Gelateria ordering bottles of water. The song overhead I was seriously diggin'. I figured it was Italian so I asked the worker who sang it, so I could take mental note and buy the song when I got home. She said some name that I couldn't understand... so I said, ''hmmm... da dove viene lui?'' and she told me that he's American. I was all, ''perché lui canta cosi in italiano?'' she then proceeded to tell me that the song was English. Yes, folks, the entire time. I can't even understand my mother language anymore. All of the customers and the workers were laughing as I expressed to them that I'm from America, I speak English, but that I've lived in this country for too long to understand... oh mercy... and to think I still have a year left! I'll be a mess when I come home! Literally unable to communicate with anyone! 

But...I love this place. It's absolutely effecting my every habit, idiosyncrasy, everything. One highlight of the week? I signed in ASL as a deaf Italian guy signed in ISL. It was AWESOME! I forgot how much I enjoy signing-- good moment. 

So, in Italy there's thing called ''ferie'' it's when EVERYONE leaves the country for the entire month of August. Like EVERYONE. All of our members, investigators gone, all of the stores close. It's the worst! I'm all, ''what's up with everyone escapin'?!'' In fact, funny story, after lunch on Monday, us four girls were in DESPERATE need of something sweet. So we headed out to find un dolce. Literally everything is closed for ferie. So Sorella McCann, my soul sister and dearest friend exclaims, ''WHERE DOES A HUNGRY GIRL GO TO GET DOLCI DURING FERIE?!'' Oh my, it was the funniest thing ever. Because literally here we are, four ravenous, American, nutella-huntin' sister missionaries. It was the bomb. Our appetites were appeased with some crepes as we found one teeny tiny place opened, who only had 3 crepes. Of course, we shared them all:)

Ok, y'all ready for one of the finest miracles yet of my mission? It happened yesterday! All of our district was heading back on the bus from a district meeting. I see a pretty lady sitting near me, so I strike up a nonchalant chat with her. Nothing too extravagant! I tell her she's a dear and that she looks great in pink, because she does. She had to get off, so I handed her a pass-along card from the bottom of my borsa, one that's bent and a bit ripped but with the picture of the Savior on it. I promised her velocemente that we know that we have this life to have joy and to have families. And that she could call us if she had any questions or if there's something we could do for her. LESS THAN 15 MINUTES LATER. I get a call from a ''Luciana'', I'm rackin' my brain trying to remember a Luciana until I realize that it's her! She proceeds to tell me that I had a light, and that she feels very strongly that it wasn't by chance that we met when we did. She wanted to set up a time when we could teach her about our gospel, mission, and the Savior. She wants Him more in her life. OH, MY. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. All from a pass along card and a little love. We're meeting with her tomorrow and I'm stoked! I had chills during our entire phone call! People never call us trying to set up an appointment and learn more! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

All's fine, this is good. Although I've never taught so much my entire life, I've also never learned so much in my entire life. I'm a forever student I decided. Sorella Hallum teaches me daily about commitment and dedication to this work. We do everything for our sweet people here in Como. and the infamous irony and paradox of the mission? That I'm getting more sleep than EVER before in my life, 8 hours a night, and yet I've never been so tired. We're exhausting ourselves for these people because we love them and they deserve the world! I CANNOT wait to return and visit all of these people I already love so dearly! My heart is full.

Con tutto del mio amore,
Sorella Baer

p.s. I love you.
p.s.s. We played Psychologist last night for FHE in Italian, with investigators and the other missionaries. World's. Best.
p.s.s.s. I'm never complaining about 1 o'clock church again. because here, we have it at 2... 

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