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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pictures, August 7, 2013 Como and a touch of Milano

 A couple of the sorelle decorated for Sorella Baer's birthday. She sure is loved.

Sorella Baer's desk in Como. She surrounds herself with familiar things!

 She thought this was awesome. It is a freaky floating man.
 The Sorelle found Momma Baer's happy place. The sign is wrong, though, it is supposed to read  "Lori's Chocolate Bar".

What does a innovative missionary do without thumbtacks? Use a fork, of course!
Happy P-day breakfast for the sorelle. Chocolate chip pancakes.

The sisters are growing a sunflower on their balcony and it finally bloomed. They are very proud parents. 
Como D'uomo - yep, it rhymes!

The next 3 photos are of Como, through Sorella Baer's lens. No wonder she loves it so!

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